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Cart Corruption Issues!
Topic Started: Jun 14 2018, 01:54 AM (13 Views)
diggly poster
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So I was reviving my interest in the older Pokemon games by powering through Silver again, getting an awesome team and just enjoying the story (the best plot so far, IMHO). I was playing the cart on my SP (it's really annoying how much it sticks out...) and decided to do a little light trading between my old Red cart. So I inserted both cartridges into their respective Controller Paks and powered up Pokemon Stadium 2 on my N64, wherupon I was mildly surprised to see that the game would not register my saved file on Silver (Red was fine). Bear in mind these two points: *I have never encountered a problem or glitch in a Pokemon game before. *I had JUST beaten the Elite Four (Five :roll: ) and was looking forward to getting a Steelix with the Metal Coat obtained from the ferry. This constituted around 12 hours of play time, time I could have spent... uh... playing other games if I knew what would happen next. The icon representing my Silver cart on the startup screen was and SAVED FILE NOT FOUND. Unfazed, I tried the cart back in my Game Boy; and to my horror, the only options I was given on the menu screen after pressing Start were:
Noooo! I can't believe this. I just spent the last week rekindling my interest in a great game, only to have it ruined by something, some twist of fate... but what? What could possibly have corrupted my saved data? I do not use cheating devices, and I keep my equipment in good repair (I bought Gold, Silver and Stadium 2 as a bumper pack waaay back in Gibraltar in 2002). Any ideas to what it could be? Has anybody experienced the same problem as me? Sorry to bore you all with a tedious whining session, but I felt it necessary to get it off my chest. Guess I'll stick with the advanced games in the future

Please help.

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